Age is not a factor

Cally Vinz

We watched our son Shawn and his fiancé Staci be members of the Crossfit community and knew it was something special.  As a family we’ve always believed in fitness and staying active – it keeps you healthy and it keeps you young.  But this was something more, this was like being part of a team, part of a larger community who are there to encourage, support and motivate you. 

At 55 and 58 we wondered “should we really be joining this Crossfit community?”, “can we do this at our age?, did we wait too long to get back in to shape”.   Steve was a high school and college athlete, ran marathons and biked centurions but when we were busy with three kids and our careers, he became overweight, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and then had a stroke at age 56 we knew we needed to do something to create a healthier lifestyle.  After only 3 months of Crossfit Steve has lost 28 inches (6 off his waist alone!) and maintained his 50 pound weight loss! His cholesterol and blood pressure are in control and he is now ready to come off his medications. 

For me, it’s the community that keeps me motivated, to push myself beyond what I thought I could do.  The coaches make it safe, personalized and don’t let me get away with not pushing myself.   I’ve learned there’s a good hurt and that’s what I aim for each workout – I know I didn’t give it my all if I don’t have that “good hurt” the next day.  That’s why I entered the Crossfit Games, not to compete against others but to push myself harder. 

I’ve tried every weight loss and athletic club membership to achieve a healthy weight – and now weight loss isn’t even my goal. I do Crossfit because I feel healthier and stronger.  I’ve lost 25 inches and I’m donating lots of clothes to the shelters and buying new!  I’m not using age or other responsibilities as my excuse any more and I’m not embarrassed by what I can’t do.    On my first day at Crossfit I kept saying, I can’t do that, I’m not that strong and Alex told me, it’s not that you can’t do it, it’s that you can’t do it YET.  And now I’m doing things I’ve never done before.  I’m excited about the strength, fitness and healthy lifestyle I am creating. 

It has been a life changing experience for both of us, in no small measure due to the coaches and gym members at Crossfit Progression.  Everyone has welcomed us into the gym, never making us feel out of place, out of shape or too old.   The coaches never let us use our age as an excuse but offer guidance and support.   They push us and celebrate every new personal best with us.  Thank you everyone. 

-Cally and Steve Vinz 

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2 Responses
  1. Great piece, Cally and Steve. These types of stories really make up the heart and soul of our entire sport. And a big “job well done” to the coaches down at CFP who have made these two transformations possible.

    All that being said, we still have the better Vinz.

    See you all soon!

    Tyler Quinn
    CrossFit Minneapolis | CrossFit St. Paul

  2. Emily

    Fantastic writeup!!!

    I love Alex’s saying “It’s not that you can’t do it, it’s that you can’t do it YET”.

    That one is going on the fridge.

    Thanks for the motivating piece, Vinz’s!

    Emily N.