Friday 01272012

Movement Warm-up Set  2 x Sets NFT  10 x Shoulder Touches  20-30 x Double unders  10 x Jumping Lunges  A.  10 Rounds AFAP  5 x

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Thursday 01262012

Movement Warm-up Set  2 x Sets NFT 200M Row 10 x SDHP  10 x Burpees  10 Minutes of skill work:  Kipping Pull-ups, Kipping HSPU, Kipping

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Wednesday 01252011

Movement Warm-up Set  1 x Set @ 65%  500M Row  40 x Squats  30 x Sit-ups  20 x Push-ups  10 x Pull-ups  5 x Burpees 

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Tuesday 01242012

Olympic Hour with Nic Scudamore tonight @ 6:30pm  Kids Class @ 6:30pm in the progression room!   Movement Warm-up Set  3 x Sets NFT 20-30

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Monday 01232012

Movement Warm-up Set  2 x sets w/Barbell  10 x Hang Power Cleans  10 x Front Squats  10 x Press  10 x HBBS  A.  Bear Complex

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Saturday 01212012

Notes-The Olympic Lifting Class agenda will be the following:   Tuesday-Snatch  Thursday-Clean&Jerk  Saturday-Auxillary lifts and make up We will no longer post the workouts up

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Friday 01202012

Movement Warm-up Set  500M Row  2 x Sets NFT  10 x Barbell Front Squats  10 x Push ups  10 x Box jumps “games standard”  5

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Thursday 01192012

Movement Warm-up Set  Junk Yard Dog Warm-up  Clean & Jerk Progressions  A.  15-20 Minutes to work up to a heavy single C&J  B.  AFAP:  30

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Wednesday 01182012

Movement Warm-up Set  8 Minute AMRAP @ warm-up pace  10 x Jumping Pull-ups  10 x Broad jumps  10 x Lying leg raises  A.  “Angie”  AFAP: 

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Tuesday 01172012

Movement Warm-up Set  2 x Sets NFT 10 x Good morning stretch with PVC  10 x Kettlebell Deadlifts   10 x Medball Slams  2 x

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