Book Review: the WAR of ART

*Just incase you didn’t know there is a community bookshelf located at CFP Strength. It is located in the white cubbys closest to the whiteboard and is filled with books. This bookshelf is open to the entire CFP community. I only ask that you bring the books back once you are finished. Please respect the books as they are mostly borrowed or lent by members and coaches.  Some current popular reads have been: “the way of the peaceful warrior”, “The art of War(Sun Tzu)”, and the “Weightlifting Encyclopedia”.


Book: the WAR of ART

Author: Steven Pressfield

Memorable excerpt:

PG. 64 – A Professional – Someone once asked Summerset Maugham if he wrote on a schedule or only when struck by inspiration. “I write only when inspiration strikes” he replied. “Fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o’ clock sharp”. That’s a Pro.

Other works you might recognize by Pressfield include “The Legend of Bagger Vance” and “The Gates of Fire”.


The WAR of ART by Pressfield was a great read. If you have ever felt stuck, unmotivated, or just curious if what you’re feeling towards your work is normal, this book is a must read. Pressfield describes these feelings as a common resistance that anyone doing creative work will encounter.  The book seems to be written entirely of short journal excerpts strategically placed together in 3 different sections working you through your inner resistance. It is extremely motivating especially if you feel alone in your struggles. You come to realize after reading this book that this is how it was meant to be and you can work through it. Pressfield warns that his belief in God or a higher power is directly correlated to overcoming his struggles. Even as a non religious person I found his beliefs to add to his writing and relatable to all beliefs. My biggest takeaway from “the WAR of ART”  was that to get past your resistance and to truly be doing your life’s work or what you were meant to be doing is to give it your all every day, anything less and you have not only let down yourself, but you have let down your family, friends, me, and the entire world. If you aren’t sure of what your life work is then you should be giving it your all everyday looking for it.

Hadouken!!!, be awesome everyday.
See you soon,
Coach Nic

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  1. Jen

    We all struggle with past issues, fear, change, the what ifs that lie in the future. These can be crippling, and hold us back from success. Some of our awesome coaches at CFP talk about being present in our training, immersing ourselves in the journey of becoming fitter, faster and stronger, embracing the challenge, and imagining ourselves achieving our goals, whatever they may be. “The amateur spends time in the past and in the future. He permits himself to fear and hope. The professional has taught himself to banish these distractions.” Be the professional and think of nothing but attaining your goals. Become immersed. Be the professional and “lose yourself in the work and in the moment.” Great quotes from another book called Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield. A big thank you for the copies of Turning Pro and other books recently delivered to CFP. If you get to CFP Strength definitely check out a copy. Good read that was a good soul booster for today, not only for motivation in the gym, but outside the gym as well. Thanks also to Nic for being a great coach.