CF Open- My Perspective




Coach Michael’s Personal Experience With the CrossFit Open…


From an outsider’s perspective, it seems a lot like the NFL Playoffs- the talk, the craziness, the crowds.  Maybe it’s a bit more like the NCAA March Madness tournament because, well, more competitors are invited to that.  Probably, though, it’s most akin to a neighborhood summer league sporting event: everyone who participates can enter the competition and have a chance at glory.  But, the ‘come-one-come-all’ mentality of the CrossFit Open was initially lost on this CrossFitter.

Honestly, it was the hype that got me so confused.  More to the point, it was the people doing the hype that misled me.  How could something open to all be hyped by people who look like Greek gods/goddesses and who exercise like machines?  As a budding CF athlete, I was searching for my next step; a place where these new skills and strength could be put to use and to the test.  Was this it?

If I were to be completely transparent, the CF Open scared me.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to be pitted against members of my own box, let alone CF’ers from around the world.  And what if the weight was too heavy or the skills were too hard or what if I couldn’t even finish one round of the first WOD?  I agonized over the decision to enter the Open or just pass.  Recommendations from coaches and friends gathered in my mind and, in the end, I skipped it.

Wish I hadn’t, that’s for sure.

The first time I entered the Open was my first year with CFP.  With trepidation, I signed up, paid the entry fee, and was off to the races.

What I got from this experience was, in no uncertain terms, amazing.  With the support of fellow CFP’ers and excited coaches, I was able to perform at a level I never thought possible.  I moved more weight more times, pushed past barriers, and even scored my first muscle up…ever!

So, this year, I’m excited about the Open.  Even though I will miss many of the workouts due to a planned trip, I’m excited for YOU!  Eager for you to test the skills and strength you’ve developed over the past year.  I hope you won’t follow in my footsteps and wait two years before signing up for the Open.  Sign up.  Test.  Compete.  It’s well worth it.

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