Friday 05042012

Attention CFP!  Please Read!!Training Package Information

*After your training contract expires it will automatically renew.  Your rate will continue at your current rate until you change training packages.  We reserve the right to change this policy.  If you do not want your training package to continue you need to let us know via Email(30 days notice).  We will notify you when the change has been made.   Any members wanting to upgrade their current membership must choose from the April 2012 training packages.


-Minimum 15 days notice.  Email us ASAP.
-Maximum of 2 months.
-$15 fee will be billed at time hold is placed.  2 months = $30.
-Exceptions on length of holds will be made for students or health issues.

Restarting after a hold or more then 10 days away from CFP

-You are not in the shape you were 2 weeks ago.  Fitness levels drop in as little as 10 days.  -Restart slow.
-We highly recommend restarting in beginners classes after more than 2 weeks off from CFP.
-Make sure and check in with a coach when you return.

Summer time off?  
CFP is the perfect program for the summer.  Short effective workouts give you more time to do the things you want to do outside.  It also keeps you in the best shape to do those things well and better then those around you.  Get in, get out, stay healthy.

We work-out outside on days when the weather is appropriate.  We have air conditioning for the days it isn’t.  Taking off the summer means losing your fitness gains.  Playing sports is great but they will not keep the broad fitness gains you have built up over the winter and spring.

A.  Sumo Deadlifts – 5 x 3 /60 Sec Rest 
B.  With a Partner Complete (You go I go):  
Hang Power Cleans @ 95lb/65lb 
After the completion of each round, both partners must run 200M before moving onto the next round.  
C.  100 x Medball sit-ups with your partner  
-Post results under comments  

8 Responses
  1. jen

    Jen and Brenda:
    Nice work Brenda – glad to partner up with you!! Proud of ya!!
    Jen – 55# and rowing/Brenda 45# and running: 17:50
    SDL at 105#

  2. Staci

    SDL: 125-150-175-195-215
    WOD: 10:05 with my superstar partner Keith. We rowed instead of running. 65/75
    100 partner medball sit-ups

  3. Rob Castillo

    SDL 135, 185, 225, 275, 315; WOD with Curt 16:22 @ 95lb. I had a lot of fun with this one!