Friday 05162014



A.  Front Squats – 6@9 (Load drop) 4-9% 

B.  8 Min AMRAP 

10 x DB Thrusters 

20 x Weighted Sit-ups 


A.  Front Squats – 6@9 (Load drop) 4-9% 

B.  8 Min AMRAP 

10 x Thrusters @ 75lb/65lb 

10 x T2B 

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10 Responses
  1. Crysta P

    A. 145, 135, 135. The drop sets were a bit rough today. Felt rushed.
    B. 6+8 (thrusters @ 45# and leg raises)
    Not feeling super peppy due to super stressful work week so focused on keeping moving.

  2. Josh H.

    Shawn has been awesome coaching on-site at HGST. And our facility is really nice.

    But I do miss you guys…

  3. JennF

    A. 6 rep 9MET around 155.. Dropped to 145 for 3×6.
    B. 5+10rx. Did not string T2b together. Thrusters were great!

    Worked on dubs before class several with stutter singles in between and them had my first string together of 2 dubs!!! Bryce was my witness!!!!!

  4. Nicole Chovan

    A. 145-165-180. load drop to 170 for one set.
    B. No bueno. 6 rounds. Toes to bar were BRUTAL! Thrusters felt surprisingly good…maybe cause I was moving at my own pace and focusing on the movements and it was light.
    C. felt good. 105-115-125-135-145-150-150-155. Push Jerks for all of them. Little strain on the shoulder and back the last few sets but I felt like they were not too bad!
    D. Done. Used the white KB. Grip was shot for T2B…and I’m terrible at them anyways. Something to work on! KB Press are helping the shoulder I think!

  5. Staci Vinz

    A. Did 1RM since I missed out on it last week. 210 (5#PR).
    B. 7+14Rx
    C. 105-115-125-135-145-150-155-160-165(miscounted and did an extra set). Felt good and happy with hitting 165.
    D. Done:
    Press with blue bell
    Row with yellow bell

  6. Lindsey Grace

    A. 6×3 @ 100 – felt really lethargic today
    B. 4+5 55# thrusters and 15# weighted sit ups

  7. Susan Kian

    A. 145 drop to 125. first time really doing front squat post partum. Wasn’t that comfortable of a movement for me on my hip…During rest time I did my cleans 105 105 115 115 125 125 135 135. Felt fine.
    B. not sure on rounds I think 6. Toes to bar were easy at first but then I quickly ran out of breath and they went downhill. I like doing toes to bar with my legs straight but after 3 sets they started getting a wierd swing because I was tired.

    Press with blue bell
    Row with blue bell
    Strict T2B just did a few of these because my abs were feeling really taxed. They are getting stronger tho- 🙂