Friday 08032012


A.  Snatch Push Press  – 4 x 3 w/60 Sec Rest 

B1.  Kettlebell Presses – 3 x 5 (R/L) Heavy w/60 Sec Rest 

B2.  Power Swings (Stop/Go) – 3 x 5 @ Double bells w/60 Sec Rest 

C.  Nicole 

20 Min AMRAP 

400M Run 

Max Reps Pull-ups 

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13 Responses
  1. Kessa

    77 with green band. Never thought I could do that many. Might be time to go to blue 🙂 Great morning work out!

  2. Staci

    Oly Lifting Session
    3x Max effort ring dips (red band, one leg)
    WOD: 49Rx row

    *GREAT job 4:30 class!!! Way to push yourselves out of your “comfort zone” with the pull ups!!!*

  3. Cally Vinz

    80# snatch PP
    55 (24 blue band, 31 red band for the first time! Thanks Matt!!)
    ran 200 instead of 400 trying to condition my feet.

  4. Rach H

    20min amrap all one armed w/ RIGHT arm only
    – 200m ONE arm row
    – 15 BD snatches 25#
    – 2x -> <- (down &back) walking lunges
    – 15 Russain KB swings
    4rnds + 20M row (all done w/ full wt vest on for added wt).
    Right arm dead after!!