Friday Night Lights


CFP is excited to announce it’s latest and greatest event! FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! (#FNL)

#FNL will take place every Friday @ 6:30pm starting Friday February 27th and concluding Friday March 27th.

Now on to the more important question, what is the “FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS”? (yes please read that in a booming announcer’s voice).

FNL is CrossFit Progression’s way of participating in the 2015 CrossFit Open. Each Friday from 2/27 through 3/27, CFP will host a massive event where members will come together to test their fitness by performing that week’s Open WOD.

As in past years, we highly encourage everyone to sign up for the CF Open at Registering at this site will enter you into the worldwide competition and allow you to compete against CF athletes in your age bracket from around the world! Whether you officially register for the Open or choose to pass, all CFP members are invited to participate in FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!

Our goals with the FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS series are…

  1. To continue cultivating the wonderful community atmosphere that is CFP!
  2. To create a “gym centric” CF-Open competition for all members, celebrating the Super Bowl of CrossFit: The Reebok CF-Games!
  3. Testing our fitness levels through a soul crushing series of events like the CF Open. (Repeat the phrase “it’s not that bad”)


How it’s going to run……

Every Friday from 6:30 – 8:00pm, we will perform that week’s Open workout. We will run heats until everyone has made it through the workout. This means no 6:30pm CF class for the five weeks starting Feb. 27th.

TEAMS!!  Friday Night Lights will be a team event.  Two men and two women per team.

We will keep track of everyone’s weekly score team scores. An up-to-date gym scoreboard will be kept in the gym.

Scoring will be similar to other gym competitions in that the 1st place finisher, team in this case, will receive the highest number of points for the workout. For example, if we have 30 teams competing there will be a total of 30 points up for grabs. 1st place will get 30 points, 2nd place 29 pts, 3rd – 28 pts, and so on….

However the real award will go to the team that demonstrates the greatest spirit through-out the 5 weeks.  Spirit is open to definition and will be known when it is displayed.

If one of your team members can’t make it to the FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, the workout may be completed at another time during the week. Scores must be turned in the same time that the online Open WOD scores are required to be submitted.

At the end of the 5 weeks, we will award prizes to the top 3 teams and the spirit award.

Team Sign up! –

Clear your Friday evenings starting Feb. 27th! 

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