Get To Know Joe Larson

CrossFit Veteran, Progression newbie, and… Batman?  Yep, read on to get to know the awesome Joe Larson a little bit better!

rochester crossfit gym progression

What do you do for a living?

I am a Senior Healthcare recruiter for Voca here in Rochester.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of the gym?

Besides spending time with my family I love to hunt.  I regularly make trips to North Dakota to duck hunt and also spring Turkey hunt in SE MN.

What made you decide to try Progression?

I was a Coach for another local CrossFit box on the South side of town which ended up closing its doors.  It was an easy decision to come to Progression since I had heard nothing but positive things about the community here.

How long have you been at CFP?

I started this last December and absolutely love it!

What was your experience with fitness like prior to Progression?

I had been doing CrossFit for almost 2 years before I made the wise decision to start.  Before that I played some “beer league” sports like Softball and Hockey.

What was your biggest fear when you started?

Not knowing many of the people.  Coming from a different CrossFit facility I thought there may be some “oh that guys from “X” box…” type treatment.  I was totally wrong as everybody was extremely welcoming and awesome.

Favorite cheat day meal?

Double quarter pounder with cheese, no pickles, large fries and a large Powerade from McDonalds

What goal(s) are you currently chasing?

Make state weightlifting next year, 225 snatch, 275 Clean and Jerk and to do better on my nutrition.

What’s the hardest part about your fitness journey at the moment?

Food… I love food, especially nachos, and beer.

What’s one thing your fellow CFP’ers would be surprised to learn about you?

I am the Batman… j/k.   Man this is tough… I watch “The Voice”… and I love every minute of it! haha

rochester crossfit gym progression

What’s your favorite piece of advice you’ve gotten from a coach or member at CFP?

Nic Scudemore – Faster, you can always be faster

How has your outlook on health/fitness changed since starting CrossFit?

Dramatically.  I thought I was in at least some sort of shape before starting CrossFit… and man was I wrong.  The combination of weights, gymnastics, and cardio is awesome.

What has been your fondest memory during your time at Progression?

Probably the in house Olympic Weightlifting meet.  It was super fun to just throw around some heavy weight in a fun atmosphere.  It’s like the ultimate “bro’s” dream.

Why do you think you’ve stuck with CFP?

Because this place and the community kick ass!

What would be your one piece of advice for someone who’s just joining Progression?

Ask questions.  If you are uncomfortable with something or do not understand something just ask.  The coaches and members are always willing to help out. I would also hit a variety of classes, OLY, REV, CrossFit… so that you can really see everything that is offered.

rochester crossfit gym progression