Get To Know Julie Davies

One of the sweetest souls you’ll ever meet.  Julie is full of life, wisdom, and happiness!  Read on to get to know Julie!

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What do you do for a living?

After 36 years working for IBM as a program manager, I retired!

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of the gym?

I have two Border Collies with whom I compete with in agility.

What made you decide to try Progression Fitness?

I saw an article on the Wallstreet Journal about CrossFit and it sounded like the type of “business-type” workout that I would really enjoy.

How long have you been at Progression Fitness?

This is my third year.

What was your experience with fitness like prior to joining Progression Fitness?

I was a member of the RAC and found that to be boring.  It just wasn’t “me”.

What was your biggest fear when you started?

That I would be the last one finished with the WOD and everyone would have to wait for me – which is exactly what happened.  People were so wonderful to cheer me on.  Coach Nicole would come beside me and do the last part of the workout with me.  I didn’t feel so alone and it was sooooo nice of her.

Favorite cheat day meal?

Pizza at the Thirsty Belgian.

What goal(s) are you currently chasing?

Trying to eat healthy and not drink too much.  Would also like to be able to do a strict chin up.

What’s the hardest part about your fitness journey at the moment?

Just getting there to work out.

What’s one thing your fellow CFP’ers would be surprised to learn about you?

That I have a master degree in French, for all the good it did me!

progression fitness

What’s your favorite piece of advice you’ve gotten from a Coach or member at Progression Fitness?

Coach Nicole tells me that my workouts are my own and how hard I want to work out is entirely up to me.  That approach is very motivating to me and I find I really want to try harder.

How has your outlook on health/fitness changed since starting at Progression Fitness?

I have become very aware that “I am what I eat”.  Carbs are not my friend.

What has been your fondest memory during your time at Progression Fitness?

I would have to say that it is the positive outlook on life that CFPer’s have and the way our community gives back.

Why do you think you’ve stuck with Progression Fitness?

Because of the people.

What would be your one piece of advice for someone who’s just joining Progression Fitness?

Just try it.  You will love the community and the support of the CFPer’s.

progression fitness