Journaling to Reach Your Goals.

Photo Credit: Rita Benavidez Instagram Account @wittlespoon
Photo Credit: Rita Benavidez Instagram Account @wittlespoon

If you CrossFit you’ve probably got at least one goal you’re working towards on a regular basis.  Whether it’s improving mobility overhead, a PR on a particular lift, or the ever elusive unassisted pull-up.

Whatever your goals may be,  journaling can help you reach them.

Here are some tips on how to bring journaling into your routine to consciously work towards those goals that live in the back of your mind.

Go buy a journal.

Moleskin vs. Pre-fab seems to be the big debate between folks.  If you like having the layout of your entries done for you then go with a pre-fab journal like the one CFP offers.  Check out Moleskin journals for a blank canvas.  These are durable and affordable, (about $10).

Include “lessons learned” pages. 

If you’re going with the Moleskin or blank journal route, take the first few pages to list out OLY lifts and other movements you work on frequently.  Number the rest of the pages of the journal.  Let’s say on page 27 of your journal you’re doing snatches that day and you learn something new… go back to those first few pages and write down that page number by “Snatch”.  Now whenever you’re working on snatches, you’ll have a collection of “lessons learned” to reference.  Boom.

Commentary is key. 

When you’re recording your results from each lift, WOD, etc., don’t forget to write down how you felt that day.  If you tore your hand during pull-ups and it slowed you down, don’t forget to include that.  If your weight felt heavy, write it down.  Make a note to decrease load or reps next week.  If you made modifications, note that as well.  It’s all about progression. 😉

Organize your entries. 

Most people will choose to record their work in a linear date format.  This makes the most sense; however, it will help to organize each day’s work into sections for quick reference.

  • Lifts
  • WOD’s
  • Benchmark Workouts

Have a goals section in your journal. 

Write down your goals for the next 3 weeks, 2 months, 6 months, and 1 year.  Track your progress and consciously move toward those goals.

There’s an app for that.

If journalling makes you want to throw something, try using an app on your phone to record your work.  Here are two of the many options you have available to you.

CrossFit Progression Journaling to Reach Your goals.    CrossFit Progression Journaling to Reach Your Goals

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