Monday 06172013


-The new CFP location is close to complete which means MORE space is soon to come! With more space, comes the opportunity to begin growing our community once again. We encourage you to begin inviting friends, family and anyone else to join the fun. For those interested, call [ 507-884-9370 ] or email [ [email protected] ] to set-up a free intro session.

-July 13th – Olympic Lifting Seminar starting at 12 pm – 4 pm 

-July 20th – CFP will be having another PR Challenge start at 12 pm – 2 pm 



A.  Snatch Progressions (Ground)  


800M Run

and then..

1  – 10 Ladder


Jumping Pull-ups x 2


A.  EMOM – 8 Mins

3 x Snatches @ 70%


800M Run

and then…

1 – 10 Ladder

STO @ 135lb/95lb

Pull-ups x 2


Level 2

A.  3 Sets NFT

10 x Muscle-up Progressions

10 x Strict Pull-ups

10 x Dips

Level 1

A.  3 Sets

ME – UB weighted Muscle-ups


800M Run

1 – 10 Ladder

STO @ 205lb/125lb

20 – 2 Ladder Descending


… 1st round, 1 x STO, 20 x Pull-ups, 2nd Round 2 x STO, 18 Pull-ups….. 

-Post results under comments  

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15 Responses
  1. Malachi Johnson

    a.) @140….I liked that. The minute went quick!
    b.) I think it was 23:14 rx…the STO was good, but the pull ups got rough at the end.

  2. Susan Kian

    Level 2 but did a few muscle ups mixed with a few progressions.

    Wod 6 rounds plus 3 sport


  3. Sara R

    A. @55#
    B. @55# finished all of the ladder of STO plus 3 jumping pull ups

    Almost had it, but I will next time!

  4. Marcy Colbert

    A. @35. Thanks Calli & Megan….great partners! And thanks Sara J. for your help!
    B. First time EVER running that far! (800 meters)…gasp! 9 rounds @45 (banded pull-ups)