Profiled Member: Ryan Senst

Ryan Senst

In general, what is your background?

I grew up in Rochester and have lived here most of my life (for some reason).  My first car was a 1992, baby blue, Dodge Caravan in which all my friends and I would pile into to go fishing or paintballing. I graduated from Mayo high school in 2005 and about that time the aforementioned vans transmission went out due to excessive amounts of off-roading with it. I lived in Minneapolis for 4 years while attending the U of M and taking care of an off-road friendly Avalanche. I majored in philosophy, entrepreneurial management, and poker. I was a machine at that game online! From 2006-2009, I was ranked in the top .5% of players. I nearly got myself a world record in 2009, when I finished 18th out of 50,000 players in the largest tournament in history (at that time).

I also enjoy fishing, hiking, camping, good movies, games, skiing, traveling, and golf. I’ve traveled a lot, nearly every US state and most of Europe. My father would take me and my brother with him in the semi-truck to move houses and ship computers for IBM. Working for my family’s company laid a foundation for a spirit of hard work, because that’s what it was of course! For about 8 months after graduating from college, I did sales, marketing, and worked for the family business. At that time, the family sold the warehouses and liquidated the assets. From there (Aug 2011-June 2012), I decided to go for accounting.

2. Age, occupation

25, student, optician

3. How did you get to know about CrossFit, how did you start?

Googled “health clubs in Rochester” and scheduled an intro. Had to catch my breath after the intro session and thought the place looked badass. I signed up that day.

4. How has CrossFit changed your life, life style, level of fitness?

It’s gotten my life back. When I joined CrossFit, I was about 370 pounds. What got me there was eating and drinking anything and everything. I was under a lot of stress from Oct 2010-Feb 2012, and gained about 110 pounds. I’ve always been more or less a big guy, but that weight was pushing it. I’m glad I found CrossFit and quit the RAC. I’ve been eating much less sugar and carbs since joining thanks to the Whole Life Challenge.  It’s caused me to feel more relaxed and at ease. I’m in much better shape now than when I began 8 months ago. I couldn’t have comprehended myself squatting 310 pounds or push pressing 170. It’s amazing what showing up 3-4x a week will do for you!

5. Name one goal or personal record you would like to accomplish through CrossFit.

My goal is to chip away at this dormant Grecian statue.

6. Favorite CrossFit moment?

Realizing that after 2 months of no sugar and no carbs on the Whole Life Challenge I had lost 10 inches off my waist, 19.5 inches total, and improved the workout by 16 reps. It was seeing the effects of the effort put forth which made the moment.

7. What do you like most about CrossFit CFP?

The awesome coaching staff who are ready to kick my ass when I walk through the door and also the difficulty of the workouts.

8. Favorite WOD

Filthy fifty

9. Favorite movement


10. Least favorite movement

Double-unders, still my least favorite even though I’m finally able to do them.

11. Favorite food?

Steak on the grill with a custom made spicy mustard horseradish sauce. Steak friggin got me through the challenge.

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