Sara gaining new skills while at home!

by Coach Dan

I first met Sara when she attended my 4:30 class. She had just finished up her on-ramp sessions with Jordan and I could tell she was very eager to learn all of the fun CrossFit movements.

Shortly before we had to close down for COVID, Sara had expressed interest in learning how to do double-unders. One of my first attempts to help her learn was to have her try the speed balls (Wiffle Balls on the end of jump rope handles).

For whatever reason she could not get her right hand to spin the wiffle ball. We had a good laugh as I explained to her that I had never seen that before and was not exactly sure how to fix it.

During the stay at home order I asked Sara what a goal of hers would be during this time away from the gym. She told me that she was going to figure out double-unders. I would get weekly updates on her practice sometimes a short video of the progress she had made.

Then this week I get a video from Sara of her stringing together multiple double-unders!!

It made me so happy to see her hard work and dedication pay off.

Going from having a hard time spinning the speed balls to stringing together multiple double-unders in just a couple months was awesome!!

So props to Sara for not letting this time away from the gym slow her down, it makes a coach proud!!!