Saturday 07132013


-The new CFP location is close to complete which means MORE space is soon to come! With more space, comes the opportunity to begin growing our community once again. We encourage you to begin inviting friends, family and anyone else to join the fun. For those interested, call [ 507-884-9370 ] or email [ [email protected] ] to set-up a free intro session.  

-July 13th – Olympic Lifting Seminar starting at 12 pm – 4 pm 

-July 20th – CFP will be having another PR Challenge start at 12 pm – 2 pm


Fitness – Performance

A.  15 Minutes to establish a Max Front Squat

B.  Kelly

5 Rounds AFAP

400M Run

30 x Wallballs @ 20lb/14lb

30 x Box Jumps @ 24inch/20inch


A.  10 Min AMRAP TGU  

-Focus on form

B.  Kelly 

5 Rounds AFAP 

400M Run 

30 x Wallballs @ 20lb/14lb 

30 x Box Jumps @ 24inch/20inch 

-Post results under comments  

11 Responses
  1. Susan kian


    Snatch 120 tried for 125 a few times but failed.

    C and j 160. Stopped and didnt go heavier. Shoulders were irritated so didnt want to aggravate it. 5 lb below pr.

    Front squat- never have done 1 rep max so i guess its my pr. 165

    Wod rx

  2. Susan kian

    Wod rx 28:17 1st 3 sets of wall balls were unbroken. Slow on the box jumps but happy with it because i didnt really stop the whole time and pushed through.

  3. Staci Vinz

    Nice Work Susan and to the rest of 10a.m. Class!!!

    A. MAX FS: 185 (10#PR)
    B. 24:31 ( used it as a bit of a recovery WOD today. Definitely did not go 100%. Feelin beat up!)

  4. Nicole Chovan

    A. 200# front squat! PR. I tried 205# and failed, would have liked to try it again but felt rushed into Kelly.
    B. 28:58. Felt pretty good. Would have liked to be sub 27, but I made it through all the box jumps (instead of switching to step-ups). However, I don’t think I rebounded on any of the box jumps. I’ll keep practicing 🙂

  5. Sara R

    A. 155# PR tried 165# but had to drop it
    B. 29:40 (modified at some point) did 20 wallballs and 20 box step ups

    Finished it so I’m happy.

  6. Alex G

    A. 215 front squat – starting to feel a bit more comfortable with the front rack. Should lead to more weight.
    B. 27:03

  7. Linsey

    110lb front squat
    Made 4 rounds plus row plus 5 wall balls before 30 min cap

    Feeling very out of shape and feels like starting all over again!