Saturday 08172013


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Fitness – Performance – Sport 

A.  Take 20 Minutes to Establish a 1 rep Max Front Squat

B.  Bradshaw

10 Rounds AFAP

3 x HSPU

6 x Deadlifts @ 225lb/135lb

12 x Pull-ups

24 x Double-unders

-Post results under comments  

9 Responses
  1. Pat Demeules

    A. 225, 60# pr
    B. 7+20 wall walks, 165# deadlifts, combo of jumping and banded pull-ups single unders

  2. Sara J

    A. 160.. matched my previous PR
    B. 7 + 13.. wishing we didn’t have a time cap. would have liked to finish this one.
    all HSPUs or at least three good attempts did at least one each round. did some push ups aftet 3 attempts for myself not feel like I was no reppin.. very glad I took the time to actually attempt these.
    135 lb deadlufts
    all no banded pull ups
    all DUs

  3. Susan Kian

    185 front squat pr. 25lb pr. Thanks blue shoes. Felt pretty easy and didn’t hurt my ankles so that was cool.


    Didn’t finish all the rounds at the time cap, was on the 9th round, taking it easy. focused on breathing. Hspu felt strong today.

  4. John

    A: front squat @ 190#. 40# pr
    B: 8+5, Wall walks, 145# dead lifts, singles and only 6 pull-ups per round ( shoulder issues).

  5. Holly T

    A. PR’d my front squat at 185#’s!! I think last attempt was around 150#?

    B. 7 complete rounds. HSPU’s felt really good this time around! This was a good wod for a Saturday!