SFH – Next order April 3rd (Friday)



The Next SFH Order will go out Friday April 3rd 2015

Check at the Front desk to order your SFH.

The following is some information on our SFH fish oil which is hands down the most potent fish oil on the market that we know of. Just compare the EPA and DHA levels on the back, there is no reason to have to take 20 fish oil pills (unless you prefer the pills over the liquid).

  • Over 1 billion people are deficient in Vitamin D: Puts them at risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, MS and infectious diseases including season flu, tuberculosis and more
  • Over 90% of Vitamin D found in the body is produced in the skin. Factors such as season, clothing, sunblock and time spent indoors all affect Vitamin D levels. Levels can be significantly lower in Fall/ Winter
  • Vitamin D enables the body to produce over 200 antimicrobial peptides and is a leading factor in immune health
  • D3 can improve immune system function by as much as 60%
  • Vitamin D plays a vital role in the regulation of calcium needed for the contraction and relaxation of muscle during any athletic movement. Vitamin D deficiency can have a significant impact on athletic performance
  • Fun fact: Vitamin D is a hormone, not a vitamin!


Check the back stock at CFP we may already have what you are looking for. Also if you buy a fish oil please take a free pump! they are in the bottom of the fish oil cooler.

Here is a link to the SFH Education page where you can look up any of the ingredients found in your SFH. http://www.sfh.com/education/transparency/transparency_wheyanalysis

Here are SFH’s fundamentals to being healthy http://www.sfh.com/education/science/healthy-science I love the comment that you can be fit but not healthy! This is definitely true and something that we are all guilty of at some time or another. Giving some extra thought about what you are putting in your body can have a lasting effect on your life.

Skip to this link if you want everything http://www.sfh.com/education/science

Be well, Always.

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