Summer: The Most Important Time to CrossFit

gym summerIt’s typical for gyms to empty out a bit during summer months but this time of year is when it’s most important to continue a workout regime.  To continue to progress towards your fitness goals and remain in the best shape for all of your exciting summer activities, you’ll need to stay consistent with your workouts.

Reasons to WOD all summer long:

  1. More muscle = less fat.  Met Con’s will burn calories but your metabolism depends greatly on how much lean muscle mass you have.  CrossFit provides both cardio and strength training and will keep you in tip top shape for outdoor fun.
  2. More muscle = less bone loss.  Weight baring exercises strengthen bones, build balance, and help prevent falls.
  3. Preventing Diseases.  Strength training has a lot of health benefits including reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.  By continuing to WOD and ward off these ailments you’ll still be able to enjoy the occasional burgers & beers with family and friends, guilt free.
  4. Improved overall appearance.  If we said we were in the gym to look better as well as feel better that’d be a pretty accurate statement.  Keep up your fitness regimen to feel healthy and confident all year round.

Letting the hard work you put in all winter long go by the way-side during the summer months when you want to look and feel good the most is silly.  Skipping the gym this summer could result in loss of motivation, overall health, and most importantly… summer abs. 😉

If summer abs are your goal and you’ve been consistent in the gym you’re in luck.  Here’s Coach Nate’s take on core strength in CrossFit:

I think that’s kind of the beauty of CrossFit; all the functional movements we do work the core, as opposed to isolation exercises.  So even though we do some accessory ab work at the gym from time to time, my feelings are by doing normal CrossFit workouts and following good nutritional habits you shouldn’t really need to do “ab workouts”.



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