Thursday 05312012

Big John

A.  15 Minutes of skill work 

B.  For 20 Minutes:  

On the Odd minute – 10 Pull-ups 

On the Even minute – 10 Burpees 

C.  100 x Hollow rocks 

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5 Responses
  1. Started working on the false grip and initial pull of the muscle up.

    Did the squats I missed yesterday. 20 reps at 200

    Jumping pullups to prevent tears. (Still have three blisters that are heeling.) Burpees went well . . . never thought I would type that.

    Scaled hollow rocks after 50.

  2. jen

    kb class!! 4 rds: green kb presses(5x each hand), 5 strict pullups, 5 each side – one arm swings- pink kb, and 15 pushups, then snatch work, then 5 snatches each arm EMOM for ? 10 minutes. Good stuff, then 30 minute bike and .5 mile run