Thursday 07252013


-The new CFP location is close to complete which means MORE space is soon to come! With more space, comes the opportunity to begin growing our community once again. We encourage you to begin inviting friends, family and anyone else to join the fun. For those interested, call [ 507-884-9370 ] or email [ [email protected] ] to set-up a free intro session.


Fitness – Performance

A1.  Strict Dips – 5 x 10

A2.  Strict Pull-ups – 5 x 10

B.  10 Min AMRAP w/Partner

High Handle Sled Pushes <-> 25 Yards


A.  30 Min Recovery Row

B.  Mobility

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5 Responses
  1. Sara J

    Morning lifting… Really just wanted to come in and front squat but did a couple other things between sets
    5×5 Front Squats @ 135lbs
    Dumbbell Incline Bench @ 25lbs
    Dumbbell Curls @ 25lbs
    Core work
    Pull Overs 1x 20 @ 45lb
    Inverted Row 3×10

  2. Sue N

    10 rounds sled with partner Betsy – love the variety with the sleds but always almost pass out. Tough!

  3. Staci Vinz

    4 rounds:
    2 x Down/back farmers carry 25# plates
    10 x over the shoulder sand bag toss 70#
    10 x squat cleans 65#
    Abmat sit ups till person doing farmers carry is done.