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A note about programming: 

For most of you the basic CrossFit programming at CFP is more than enough to meet your goals and needs for fitness and health.  But for some of you CrossFit is a sport to train for, therefore there has been a recent addition of “advance” movements and weights on the daily WODs.  These advance options are placed to challenge veteran CrossFitters training to compete in CrossFit Competitions.  This option is open to all members, but competence with core CrossFit movements (HSPU, Kipping Pull-ups, Muscle-ups) as well as having a well balance strength base in the Olympic Lifts is highly recommended before attempting this type of program.  

If you’re looking for increase functional general fitness,the CFP program is perfect for you and you don’t have to worry about the above message.  But if you’re looking for a challenge, give the advance option a try.  

Following the Olympic Lifting Program:

Many of you have been religiously following the Olympic lifting program and have seen tremendous gains and results.  The Olympic Lifting program is intended to increase strength and competence in the Olympic Lifts as well as in the auxiliary lifts (Squats, Pulls, Pressing movements).  

If you’re following the Squat cycle thru CFP and also following the Olympic Lifting cycle, it is recommended you DO NOT perform both Squat Cycles within the same day or week.  The programs are two distinct programs, overtraining maybe an issue if you’re following both.  It’s recommended that you follow one or the other, and on the days you are double training, either work on a skills during the strength portion in class or decreases loading to 50%-60% and work on technique.  Overtraining is a major issue seen commonly at CFP, it can lead to chronic injuries and broken hearts.  Be smart about your training, if you’re not sure please speak with a coach. 


A.  10 Minutes of Rope Climb practice  

B1.  Shoulder Press – 3 x 10 (Heavy as possible) w/30 Sec Rest 

B2.  Weighted Good Mornings – 3 x 15 (Heavy as possible) w/30 Sec Rest 

B3.  Weighted step-ups – 3 x 20 (10L/10R) @ 20inch w/30 Sec Rest 

B4.  Weighted Pull-ups or Strict Pull-ups – 3 x 10 w/30 Sec Rest 

Advance Option: 

C1.  Seated or Standing Dumbbell Press – 3 x 7 (Heavy) w/30 Sec Rest

C2.  Reverse Hyper – 3 x 15 (Heavy) w/30 Sec Rest

C3.  Weighted step-ups (Front Rack) – 3 x 20 (10L/10R) @ 20inch w/30 Sec Rest

C4.  Weighted Muscle-ups – 3 x 7 (Unbroken if possible) w/30 Sec Rest

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9 Responses
  1. Jim Sorum

    Endurance WOD: 8X500m row w/1:30 rest (1:45, 1:48, 1:48, 1:49, 1:50, 1:49, 1:50, 1:50) times are to the best of my memory since Matt erased my interval time. Next time I’ll disguise them as lifting numbers

    CFP WOD: done

  2. Rach H

    wod/ strength stuff:
    No rope climb ( sad… )
    B1= white KB press,
    B2= 45# good mornings
    B3= 55# step ups (back sq style)
    B4= couldn’t do… (can’t do 1arm pullups yet… not got that one yet.. )

  3. kristy s

    10 minutes rope climb
    Push press #55
    Good mornings #55
    Step ups #35 front sq hold
    Pull ups did strict and then finished kipping
    6X200 1:1 ratio
    Only one to make it to 430 class…thanks for the personal training session Addison!!