Double bells…

New Oly and Kettlebell classes start today.  If you’re planning on following the Oly program you may follow this LINK  and get the the entire month of programming.  Athletes may use the level 1 Oly class (In the warehouse space) to warm-up for the level 2 class at 6:30 pm.  Any questions or concerns can be directed towards Matt at  

A.  Back Squats – 3 x 8 w/90 Sec 

B.  TGU – 3 x 3 (R/L) Heavy 


400M Run 

40 x Squats 

30 x Sit-ups 

20 x Push-ups 

10 x Pull-ups 

5 x Burpees 

Rest 3 minutes and repeat for a total of 2 rounds.  Advance athletes perform for 3 rounds.   

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