Ways to Improve Grip Strength

Grip strength comes into play in almost all WOD’s and quite often in our daily lives.  Therefore, it’s an important part of functional fitness that shouldn’t be ignored.  Here are a few ways to improve your grip strength.

Improving Grip Strength CrossFit Progression Rochester, Minnesota

Farmer Carry

Grab two kettle bells, (one for each hand) and complete 5 rounds of 100 meter walks.  Keep these tips in mind.

  • Start with (Male: 70#/Female: 53#) kettle bells.
  • Walk, don’t run.
  • Keep your shoulders back.
  • Look forward, not down.
  • Most importantly, hold on!

Plate Pinch Flip

Choose a light (rubber) plate, start with a 10# plate.  Complete 3 sets of 10 “flips” per hand.

  • Flip the (rubber) plate once into the air.
  • Catch it between your thumb and fingers.

Specialty Pull Ups

This is a matter of simply working on your strict pull ups with a specific grip.  Concentrate on wrapping your thumbs around the bar while performing your pull ups.  For some this feels natural while for others it will take some time and may not be appropriate for a WOD.

Sandbag Deadlifts & Sandbag Cleans

Simply perform a few sets of either deadlifts or cleans with only a filled sandbag and your bare hands.  Gripping, lifting, and flipping a filled sandbag will do wonders for your grip strength.

For more ways to improve your grip strength, visit wodplanet.com.



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