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5 weeks of hard work = results.  Great job boot campers!
5 weeks of hard work = results. Great job boot campers on your huge improvement on the baseline!  

Fitness – Performance – Sport

A. 5 Rounds NFT – Start @ 45lb/35lb – Increase weight as needed

3 x Muscle-Cleans

3 x Muscle-Cleans + Front Squat

3 x Power Cleans

3 x Tall Cleans

B.  20 Min EMOM

Fitness – 2 x Squat Cleans @ Heavy as possible

Performance – 1 + Pause Clean at Knee + 1 – Clean @ 70%-75%

Sport – 1 + Pause Clean at Knee + 1 – Clean @ 225lb – 275lb

-Pause Clean – Start Clean normally – pause for 1 second at the knees – Shins should be vertical shoulders over the bar weight on the heels – Extend knees and hips aggressively while maintaining heel contact on the ground during the finish portion (Position 1) of the clean

C.  1K Row AFAP 

Optional Accessory 


A.  5 Rounds AFAP 

12 x Deadlifts @ 275lb/185lb 

10 x Pull-ups 

8 Min Cap 

B1.  Weighted Plank – 3 x 1 Min 

B2.  Banded Good Mornings – 3 x ME 

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25 Responses
  1. Jen

    30 min run/jog

    5×5 dumbell thrusters: 25 # dumbells on each arm, tried 30 and failed after 2.

    5×5 close grip lat pull downs. 70/90/110/130/125

    5×20 hollow rocks.

    10 front/10 side/10 side/10 front medball abs at 8#.

  2. Malachi Johnson

    Done! The pause clean was very challenging, I didn’t get to 70%. Used 175 instead of 200. Row was 3:57 I think….can’t remember for sure.

  3. Jenn F

    Wow.. deloading is no joke–lots of WORK.

    Used 85# (around 65% max rep). Nice to have repetition on these techniques, just hoping through repetition I am not making a habit out of bad form. Probably ended with weight on my toes for half of the lifts. Time to Rock Paper Scissors my hubby for some time with Nic?!
    Row- 4:01.

  4. Cally

    A. 2X35#, 2X55#, 1X65#
    B. Performance at 10X65#, 10 X75#
    Got a little further down in my squat tonight and knee isn’t too bad tonight!
    C. 4:36 (I think)
    50-40-30-20-10 russian twists with 10#

  5. Jim

    endurance WOD: 20X125m w/3:00 rest 25,24,24,24,24,23,23,23,23,24,24,24,24,24,24,24,24,24,25sec

    A. 45,45,65,75,95lbs
    B. 135 for 11 rounds, 145 for 9 rounds
    C. 3:38 went out too fast and died by 500m and had to hang on

  6. Patrick B

    A. 35#
    B. 85# – A lot of the time I’m sending my hips forward instead of up. Over compensating for trying to make hip contact with the bar.
    C. 3:43 w/ a few secs rest at 500 & 750.

  7. Bryan Akervik

    Worked form with 45# bar
    EMOM – All rounds at 95# – some right shoulder pain during the squat and bringing the bar back down….found out I was holding the bar too tight.
    Row: 3:55

  8. Form 35# with 55# last set
    EMOM from 65# to 95# for last 2 minutes
    Row: 1K 4:03 (Rowing was hard after all the cleans) Started too fast at 1:45 then paced and ended back at 1:45 pace.

  9. Susan Kian

    I should have gone….. but apart from being whiny and lazy, I couldn’t even think putting weight on my wrist. So I stayed home and ate lots of snacks