Wednesday 04162014

5:30am crew doing real work
5:30am crew doing real work


A.  Every 2 Mins for 5 Sets

5-6 x Manmakers (Increase weight if possible) 

B.  5 Rounds AFAP 

400M Run/Row 

20 x Air Squats 

20 Min CAP 


A.  Every 2 Mins for 5 Sets 

3 x Clean&Jerks (Build, perfect form!) 

B.  Nancy 

5 Rounds AFAP 

400M Run/Row 

15 x OHS @ 95lb/65lb 

20 Min CAP 

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15 Responses
  1. Carrie

    A. 85-95-105-110-115. Felt good about getting the squats and not just power cleaning.
    B. 400 row /55# OHS. 16:55 My body was just tired today. No energy and everything was heavy. Not by best day for sure. 5:30 am class always does real work!!

  2. Crysta P

    A. 75 (PJ), 80, 85, 95, 100. Cleans felt good even though I was feeling meh this morning. Felt like I was not quite warm and loose.
    B. 18:47. OHS @ 45# Started out running. My not warm/tight feeling reared its ugly head during the first round run. Left hip/lower back just hurt like little daggers every time the wind blew. Anyways, after 1 lap on round 2 I switched to rowing in an attempt to not break myself before Saturday. OHS were the high point. Did them unbroken and felt like I had good shoulder position throughout. Got a good pace going once I switched to rowing.
    Extra mobility after class.

  3. Josh Hoekstra

    A.) 135, 145, 155, 155, 165 – Felt heavy this morning. I focused on doing good split jerks. They weren’t feeling that great, so I kept it at a medium weight.
    B.) Nancy Rx: 16:22 – Did all the OHS unbroken, which was a good sign. Michael was a great rabbit to chase on the run, keeping my pace up for sure!

  4. Jason

    A) 115, 115, 125, 135, 135 Not my best weights this morning, legs were still feeling tight from backsquats yesterday.
    B) @75lbs 19:10. Glad I finished under the cap today, as I was slow with the running. OHS I was able to do unbroken.

  5. Nicole Chovan

    A. 125-135-145-145-155-165-X-175-165-X. They didn’t feel very good today.
    B. 24/17/13
    C. 1:26-2:20-2:58. Shoulders are shot. Final time on that was 12:44
    D. Nancy 16:40 Rx. Runs were incredibly slow. OHS unbroken and pretty quick. Decided to not go heavy because of shoulder stability. More of a recovery I guess, but I was breathing pretty good.

  6. Lindsey Grace

    A. 75, 75, 80, 85, 90….should’ve went heavier

    B. 18:55 Started with 45# OHS but my wrist was killing me so just did back squats. Should’ve went heavier with these but I just left it at 45#.

  7. megan l

    Yikes C&J needs a lot of work. I was surprised how rusty I have become with the split jerk. Oh well areas for improvement
    A. 55, 65-
    B. 17:24 running and 35# OHS
    Great programming.

  8. Laura S

    A. 65-75-80-85-85-kept it light today after being sick last week
    B. 17:58 did the row, did one round with 45#, second with the bar, then last 3 just 20 Air Squats.. felt really wore out but it was good to come back.

  9. Staci Vinz

    A. 85-115-125-135-135-145-155-165-x-175 (started lighter than I wanted to because the clock started before I could switch my weights. Missed a round because I didn’t have time to change weights. Hit both lifts of all sets).
    B. 26/12/12 (my body still remembered 14.5 and didn’t like doing thrusters again!)
    C. Didn’t really do this. Did a couple MU, which were not feeling good today, and practiced some Russian dips- these were hard!
    D. Heavy Nancy 17:09 @ 95#

    Feeling really tired and beat up this week. Not sure what the deal is. Shoulders are feeling it the most.

  10. JennF

    A. 105-115-120-125-135. Felt good.
    B. 17:51RX. Running was slow. OHS felt great.

    Right upper trap tweaking, feel dull ache in the neck all the way to the bicep at rest from push press yesterday, and HSPU over the weekend I think…. Resting, icing, NSAID and maybe some fish oil in preparation for this weekend.

  11. Amy S

    A. 65-75-75-75-75 not feeling it today.
    B. 17:19 row & OHS with 35# bar. I was shocked I could do all sets with the bar.

  12. Jen B

    Stayed light on part 1 to work on form.
    65 x2; 75 x 2; 85
    15 min. Glad I used 45#, Had to row due to rain. I needed a good workout but I didn’t want to feel broken, so went light.