Wednesday 10312012


A.  “Tommy Mac”

2 Rounds AFAP 

12 x Burpees 

12 x Thrusters 

12 x Burpees 

12 x Power Snatch 

12 x Burpees 

12 x Push Jerks 

12 x Burpees

12 x Hang Squat Cleans 

12 x Burpees

12 x OHS 

Novice – 8 reps per movement @ 65lb/45lb 

Intermediate – 10 reps per movement @ 95lb/65lb 

Rx – @ 115lb/85lb  

-25 Min Cap 

-Post results under comments  

22 Responses
  1. Staci

    WOD: 25:40 RX (12’s @ 85#)
    GREAT job 10:00 class! Nice work pushing yourselves and thanks for the push and encouragement at the end! I sooooo wanted to drop that bar on my last set of OHS!!!

  2. Kessa

    17:10 10 reps, first round 45#, 2nd round 50#. I always underestimate how much weight I can do. Need to work on my confidence!

  3. Rach H

    wod: 14:43
    Right arm only movements w/ pink KB
    sub squats for burpees…
    all done wearing full 20# wt vest (legs like jello!) felt good though!

  4. Mike Soper

    WOD 22:28 Novice 65 lbs. The end of my 1st month of regular classes. Good practice for me in pacing myself and working with some lifts I had not done much before.

  5. Jessi Sawyer

    20:55 @ 35# and 8 reps. Could have gone higher on the weight if it wasn’t for the OHS. Didn’t hate this workout nearly as much as I anticipated!

  6. jessi

    WOD 23:49 (I think….), brain wasn’t working well at the end. Did the novice @ 45# and 8 reps. I don’t know why I can’t remember any of the movements. Both times through, I had to ask what I was doing.