Week 2 – Session 1 – Cycle 1

Programming – Cycle 1 – Week 2 – Load – Session 1

Intensity – 85%

Notes: Most of those following this program will be pushed to edge this week. Go hard and get all the reps that you can.

Strength – Try to finish your last set a little heavier than the week before. Always +5 lbs on the last sets of your pressing and other strength movements.

A.) Sots Press – 5×5 w/ weight


– Pull Progressions
B.) Snatch – 8×1


– Behind neck strict press – 4×10


Snatch RDL’s – 4×10


C.) NSSU – 25
Mobility – 10 Minutes
Extra – hand stand practice

Question of the day – What was your favorite performance besides Lu Xiaojun in the 2013 WWC?


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