Week 7 – Session 3 – Saturday 9am

Cycle 2 – Week 7 – Session 3

Program Intensity – 85%

A.) Power Jerks – 5×2

B.) Snatch – 40 reps bar work  – work up to heavy single

Clean and Jerk – 40 reps bar work – work up to heavy single

If you are tired from max week this week, please only work up to an 80% single. If you have not been maxing out attempt to lift 5 to 10 lbs heavier than what you lifted this week at Olympic Weightlifting class.

C.) Back Squats – Heavy Single  W/ 3 second Pause

Or   If you have Back squatted 2 or more times this week do the same heavy single with a Front Squat.

RDL’s – 5×5

Hollow Rocks – 100



Question of the day – Who is your favorite weightlifter……not including Klokov!!! (take your time and look through videos on Youtube and post below)




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