Week 9 – Session 1 – Tuesday 6:30pm class

Warm up – Coaches Choice; if you are early try something new today, for instance roll out on one of the soft foam rollers, this will help the blood flow to your muscles. Great for warming up!


intensity – 85% base week cycle 3

Snatch – 5×1

Clean and Jerk 5×1

Before hitting your 5×1 you should have at least performed 4 to 5 warm up sets of doubles or triples.

Back Squats – 5×3 – The goal is to at least work up to 85% of your one rep max, if you consistently squat you can try to go heavier. Remember if you want to get stronger put more weight on the bar.

RDL’s – 5×5 – Do not need a heavy weight for this, focus on getting a good stretch in the hamstrings and working your lower back.


Mobility – 10 min. !!!!

Push ups – 100

Leg raises – 3 sets for 2 min. each


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1 Response
  1. Sara R

    Snatch: worked up to 65 I believe
    C&J: up to 85
    back squat: 145
    RDL: only got 2 rounds in at 105

    This is if I remember correctly! I got a notebook now so I will make sure I bring it next time!