Mental vs. Physical PR’s. 

I PR’d a few lifts during test week and was glad to have done so.  But glad is as far as it goes.  Usually 1.5 seconds after a PR I’ll think to myself, “Well, finally… you should have been here a long time ago”.  Probably just a habit most people have of being a bit too hard on themselves, right?  But something happened during test week that made me realize something about myself.  When I kicked up to the wall for a handstand hold for the first time it was a mental win.  A PR.  For my mind. It meant more to me than any physical PR I’ve made in the 2+ years I’ve been crossfitting.  Because it does mean more.  Which leads me to…

Crossfit is About 90% Mental and 10% Physical.  

My mental weakness held me back for presumably months, when my body was ready.  I could have exponentially improved my physical PR(s) if I had mentally PR’d long ago.  It’s a threshold that you’re breaking through when you overcome something your mind was afraid to experience.  Believe me, once you get comfortable challenging your mind in crossfit, your body will willingly follow.  That being said… 

Pressure Is A Personal (& Strategic) Choice.

Going into a test week expecting to PR every lift is a fine plan.  Just not for me.  I planned which days I would PR and which days I would give myself a break from the pressure.  Everyone handles pressure differently.  Be self aware (& strategic). 

Peers and Coaches Are a Huge Piece of Your Progress Pie.

The encouragement and motivation from peers at the gym that you can utilize to your benefit is limitless.  I personally cannot attribute any of my PR’s to myself alone.  Accept the compliments, the screams, and the high fives.  Because it’s not really about any one of us individually.  We’re all stronger with each other’s support.

What a great end to this awesome programming cycle.  As we reflect and start another, remember to trust the process and a strong body is derived from a strong mind.

P.S.  What did you learn from test week?