Couples Who CrossFit Together…

David & Sarah Shaw are all in.  And they’re all in, together.  Teamwork has taken human form and they’re paving the way for other couples to crush goals, live healthier, and enjoy each other, just as they have.

David & Sarah Shaw Couples Who CrossFit Together CrossFit Progression Rochester Minnesota

How long have you been claiming each other?

S: We just celebrated our 17-year wedding anniversary a couple weeks ago. We were hanging out for another couple of years before that.

Who found CFP first?

D: I did through a friend. He tried to get me to come to friends and family nights for many months before I finally tried it. Took me another 6 months before he convinced me to give the January boot camp a try. I talked my wife into joining the boot camp with me. We’ve been members ever since.

What’s the worst thing to say to your partner in the middle of a workout?

S: Hurry up!

D: No rep! To be honest I don’t think she likes being talked to during a workout at all.

What’s your favorite thing to do together outside of the gym?

S: We love food and music. So trying new restaurants, enjoying old favorites, and concerts are our most favorite things!

Has your partner given you any good advice during a workout?

S: He reminds me to not hurt myself when I’m going full bore into something I maybe shouldn’t.

D: Yes, but don’t let her know that! She tells me to keep my chest up and try to get lower during squats. Always watching my form and technique and telling me what I need to improve.

What’s the best part about having a partner that shares your interest in CrossFit?

S: It gets me in the door! There’s nothing harder than getting to the gym if he’s not coming with me. This has been a partner effort all the way.

D: In short, motivation. When I’m not feeling up for it she’s there to make sure I go and vice versa.

What would happen if you no-rep’d your partner during a workout?

S: Haha… honestly right now we are still working getting full range of motion in most movements so there are technically a lot of no-reps when we work out! But if I did he would probably just keep going like I didn’t say anything… pretend it didn’t happen.

D: She’d probably give me a killer stare that says, “STFU, it counts”!

Alright, lets play a little game. The newlywed game actually… If I find out you cheated, it’ll be burpees!

Favorite cheat meal?

S: His would be lunch buffet at India Garden. Mine would be pub fries and pizza at Mr. Pizza North, a scoop (or two) of chocolate peanut butter ice cream at Flapadoodles afterward.

D: Hers would be pizza and mine would be lasagna.

Favorite movement?

S: His… lifting or ring rows. Mine is anything that lets me use a barbell!

D: Hers would be back squat. Mine is rowing.

Least favorite movement?

S: His would be a toss up between jump rope or running. Mine depends on the day; wall balls or assault bike.

D: Hers is wall balls. Mine is burpees.

What would be one piece of advice you’d like to give to another couple that may be thinking about starting CrossFit?

S: You are capable of so much more than you can even imagine; especially if you’re in it together!

D: Try it for at least 4 weeks. No matter your fitness level or ability there seems to be something everyone can do and get better from it. It’s hard work and your body will be sore at times but it’s all been worth it.

David & Sarah Shaw CrossFit Progression


Progression Boot Camp Starts August 8th
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