Finding Focus: Three questions to find your first target.

All of us have something we would like to do better, whether in our health, work, family life, or even sport.

What should we do first?

Getting bogged down with attempting to change a few things at once rarely works. The trick is to pick the one thing that will give you the most improvement in your life and work and focus on that one thing.

In other words, pick the thing that you suck at the most. If you are not sure which one that is, ask these questions.

What thing do I do that when I do it, I tell myself I shouldn’t?

What habit has my significant other expressed concern over?

What has my Doctor told me I need to do?

Start with those questions. You should come up with something. Pick that something and focus all your energy on changing that one thing.

Whatever that thing is you are focusing on, getting professional assistance is your fastest path to success.

Very few of us can make significant and lasting changes on our own. If you really can’t get professional assistance, ask a friend or significant other to hold you accountable.

Focusing on your worst habit is the fastest way to improve.

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Joshua J Grenell