So many Diets! Which one is number one? Which one is number crap?

Here are 7 questions to ask yourself to find out.

Question #1: Sustainability

Can you do this forever?

Yep, that should be your first question. Otherwise, you are going to be right back at box one in a month or two.

Or worse. Habitual dieters can do damage to their metabolisms.

The best diets build long term lifestyle changes that end in long term results.

Your job is to find a diet or program that will get you to your goals, without doing damage. Build an eating plan and habits that you can stick with for the long term.

Question #2: Does it eliminate an entire category of food?

You do actually need carbs, fat, and protien. You may need to switch around how many of each of these you eat. But cutting one out entirely will not lead you to long term success.

Your activity and goals will determine how much of each you need. An Inbody Scanner and a nutrition coach can start you out with your first set of goals, and then you both can adjust as you go. See what works.

Should you remove specific food groups? Probably not.

Question #3: Is it based on science?

Are you starting a diet that your friend told you about? Does it involve shakes? It is well known why these diet fads work in the short term. It isn’t a secret. It is also well known why they don’t work for long.

Get real advice from a pro, who has helped others attain long term success. Not your shake peddling friend.

A Keto diet that allows you to eat as much meat and fat as you want is also not going to work long term. You know that. Don’t play games with your long term health.

Question #4: What else do you have going on?

Make sure the diet you pick works with your life. During the Keto fad, and fasting fads, we would occasionally have members almost black out on the gym floor.

Know how much energy (calories) your body needs to perform your daily activities. Are you active at work, or do you sit at a desk? You will need different amounts of calories for these situations. Any diet that does not address this is bullshit.

Fad diets will not line up with your specific goals. Because you are an individual. You are not the same as Jane unless you are Jane.

Question #5: What is this diet selling you?

Supplements? Books? Apps? Shakes? Is there money being made here by your friend? If so, be skeptical.

We sell Nutrition coaching. It isn’t for everyone. This is why we offer a free session to sit down and figure out if it is for you. No pressure. Just the hows and whys of what we do.

Question #6: More Science! Has the diet been studied by science?

Are there any studies on the diet you are about to start? If there are, who wrote them? Are they connected to a business? Was the study actually on the diet, or was it taken out of another study?

Question #7: How do you feel while on the diet?

Hungry? Lethargic? Irritable? Poor focus? All signs of a non- sustainable diet plan. This is your body telling you to abort the current program.

All of us are different. Our calorie and macro requirements differ greatly. What works for Betty may not work for you.

So what should you do?

I will tell you tomorrow!