Five ways to successfully return to your gym

Getting back at it! 5 ways to make your return to the gym a success.

Covid-19 has broken our habits in many ways. When it is time for you to start back at the gym, there are ways to do it successfully.   

Here are five ways to great success when you return to the gym. 

  1. Start slow. Maybe you did all the bodyweight workouts at home, or perhaps you did nothing. Either way, it is best to chill a bit the first few times back in the gym. Warm-up extra well. Go through all movements carefully to check for any issues that may have flared up from your change in routine. Just make sure your body is still firing on all cylinders. 
  2. Dial back the weights and intensity. Fitness leaves quickly. Back off from where you previously were, to again test out your current status. Go by feel, not the numbers. What feels heavy today?
  3. Check-in with your coach. Have them take a look at your form. Is it still there? What needs a little work today? Also, see how they are doing. =-)
  4. Don’t know what to do? The workout of the day looks ok, but you are not sure exactly how to attack it. Let a coach help you figure it out. It is what they do!
  5. Enjoy the community and the camaraderie. You joined a gym for a reason. For most of us, it is our third place. Our friends are at the gym; our successes are at the gym, the changes that make us who we are are at the gym. Be present and take it in.         

See you in the gym!