FNL Week 4

Progression’s Friday Night Lights #bewell

This post is your one-stop shop for ALL info about FNL event #4.


Thanks to Derrick Chapman at Twisted Barrel Pizza


for his sponsorship of FNL Week 4!

Derrick and his AWESOME pizza truck will be at Progression ALL night!

Join us for discounted pizza on Friday 3/17! YUM.

Invite your friend, too!


FNL Time/Heats

The official FNL start time is 5:00pm. At that time, we will show the standards video for 17.4, followed shortly by heat 1. We will continue to run heats until all athletes have competed.

Reserve your heat time HERE or just show up and we’ll fill you in first-come-first-serve.

Progression will be open at 3:00pm for any athlete who needs to complete their workout early. We will have staff here to facilitate and judge, but, of course, there won’t be the incredible atmosphere like there is in the evening.


The CrossFit Open workouts are kept a tight secret until Thursday evening of each week. Once the workout is announced, Progression will share it via our FB page.

If you are competing in the CF Open and need a certified Judge, please make arrangements.

Any modifications to start time or heats, based on length of WOD or equipment needs, will be shared with you ASAP.

CF Open Athlete vs FNL Athlete

Progression athletes who have signed up for the CF Open will complete the workout as written, according to their division – Rx, Scaled, Masters or Masters Scaled.

All other athletes may complete ANY version of the workout. Scaling is appropriate and encouraged, when necessary. Please be aware that the Progression coaching staff may alter the workout for non-Open athletes based on equipment limitations and/or time.

Team Scoring

FNL teams of 4 athletes will gain points in the following categories:

  1. Attendance – Show up and you get a point. No show?…no point. If you complete the workout earlier in the day, point. If you have a scheduled substitute for yourself, point.
  2. Homework – A skill or strength challenge posted weekly. Completed = 1 pt/person
    • Week 4 Homework: Accumulate 2 min of wall sit daily (M-Th)
  3. Lifestyle – A general health/fitness challenge posted weekly. Completed = 1pt/person
    • Week 4 Lifestyle: Post on social media 1 reason why fitness is important to you. Use #bewell
  4. Workout Score – Each athlete’s score is recorded and will be totaled for a team score.
  5. Spirit – Show support for team and others. How you accomplish this is up to you! Progression Coaches award points weekly to top 3 most-spirited teams.