Friday Night Lights

Progression is excited to announce our 3rd annual FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! (FNL)

Fitness Friends.

FNL is Progression’s way of bringing the excitement and challenge of the CrossFit Open directly to our members. Through the once-weekly FNL events, Progression members will come together to not only test the limits of their own fitness, but to cheer their friends to success!

FNL events are open to ANY Progression member. It is NOT required that you register for the CF Open to participate in FNL.

The Open is CrossFit’s annual test of fitness. It’s a time to put your skills and training to the ultimate test…over 5 weeks, athletes from all over the world will complete 1 workout per week. Scores are entered and catalouged by gender and age. How will you stack up amongst your peers? How will you stack up to the YOU from one year ago?!

Whether you officially register for the Open or choose to pass, all Progression members are invited to participate in FNL. Events will take place every Friday afternoon/evening starting Friday, February 24th and concluding Friday, March 24th.

Our goals with the FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS series are…

  1. To continue cultivating the wonderful community atmosphere at Progression!
  2. To create a “gym centric” CF Open competition for all members.
  3. To test our fitness levels.

Getting Excited?!

How it’s going to run……

A new Open workout will be announced each Thursday night, starting Feb 23rd. Since nobody knows the workouts ahead of time, we have no way of predicting how much space or time we’ll need for that week. Late Thursday night or early Friday, the Progression staff will communicate via CFP Fitness Facebook group the details of our FNL event – start time, heats, modifications, etc.

Due to the size of Progression’s FNL events, there will NOT be any Friday afternoon classes starting 2/24 through 3/24. The 12pm class will be the final class on these days. All afternoon class times will, instead, be reserved for FNL setup and workouts.

A heat sign up will be provided online and members are required to register for a heat – first come, first serve. (If you know you’ll need to be in an early heat because of a prior commitment or go late because of work, please contact a coach!) We will run heats until everyone has made it through the workout.

If you register for the CF Open (any division), you will complete the workout as outlined for your division. However, if you decide not to register for the Open (and that’s fine!), the Coaches may ask you to modify your workout. We’ll only do this if space, workout length, or equipment issues arise.

TEAMS!!  Friday Night Lights is a team event.  Four people to a team; no gender rules.

Once your team of 4 is complete, come up with a clever team name and we’ll we will keep track of everyone’s weekly score. An up-to-date gym scoreboard will be kept online. Think your team’s got what it takes??…

Team scoring for the FNL series will be slightly different than other CF team competitions. At Progression, we recognize athletic ability as only one element of overall fitness. That’s why we base FNL team scores on the following 5 categories:

1. Attendance – show up to FNL and get a point

2. Homework – practice a different skill each week; determined by Progression staff

3. Lifestyle – strive for excellence outside the gym

4. Workout score – your team’s score from a particular week, ranked against all other Progression teams

5. Spirit – points awarded weekly to the team with the best costumes, most cheering, etc.

Life happens. If one of your team members can’t make it to FNL, their workout may be completed at another time during the week and their score submitted before the deadline for submission of CF Open scores.

At the end of the 5 weeks, we will award prizes to the top 3 teams and to the team that accumulated the most spirit points!

Team Sign up HERE! 


Although members compete in teams, individual registration for Progression’s FNL event series is required. (Note…this is NOT the CF Open registration). Let us know you’ll be participating in FNL by simply telling a coach OR writing FNL down on any charge sheet around the gym. Your registrations options are:

FNL – $35 for all 5 FNL events

FNL Plus Shirt- $60 for 5 FNL events plus 2017 Team Shirt

All FNL participants receive a swag bag from Progression and access to recovery time at Progression on Sunday’s during the Open (times TBA).

Any member who completes the 2017 CF Open Judges Certification online will receive free entry into Progression’s FNL events.

2017 Team Shirts will also be for sale.

Friday Night Lights is our favorite time of year. We can’t wait to see how fit you’ve become…

Clear your Friday evenings starting Feb. 24th! 


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