Friday Night Lights 2019

Event Announcement:

Friday Night Lights 2019

Team event – 4 people (All ability levels welcome!) 

Team Sign up  HERE


Each Friday starting February 22nd and concluding March 22nd we will perform a specific workout written by CrossFit HQ for the daily WOD. 


Each team member must complete the workout and tally their team scores together to earn points for the week. The Workouts can be performed at any Friday class or on your own during open gym hours. Scores must be recorded and entered by the following Tuesday otherwise you get no points. In addition to the points scored for workouts we will have a weekly lifestyle and homework challenge which can earn your team additional points going towards your overall score and ranking during the 5 weeks.


At the end of 5 weeks, we will have a giant gym party celebrating the past year of accomplishments and our community!


This event is for everyone at Progression, think of it as an intra-gym intramural fitness championships where everyone’s fitness is celebrated. It is one of the best times of the year in the gym and we want everyone to be a part of it!


Make sure to check out the blog for continuing information. For all questions contact Coach Nic.