Get To Know Joel Granberg

Super Dad, Super Husband, Super Member!  Read on to get to know Joel Granberg!

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What do you do for a living?

I own a business called Garage Force of Rochester.  Prior to Garage Force, I owned CherryBerry on 2nd Street.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of the gym?

Hanging out with my family and playing with my kids.  I’m kind of a home body.

What made you decide to try Progression?

My wife, Candace, and I were at another gym in town and we were ready for a change.  We tried Progression and never looked back.

How long have you. been at Progression?

3 years.

What was your experience with fitness like prior to Progression?

I had a membership to the RAC and maybe worked out a couple of times a week doing the typical lifts and basically no aerobic exercise.

What was your biggest fear when you started?

I didn’t have a fear when I started.  My fear set in after the first couple of classes and I was so sore I could hardly walk.  I would dread going to class everyday because I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish the WOD. I found out in a hurry that I was not in good shape at all.  Luckily I stuck it out!

Favorite heat day meal?

Definitely pizza!  Or chips and salsa!

What goal(s) are you currently chasing?

I would like to get my body weight down to sub 200 lbs.  I’m close, I’ll be there soon.

progression fitness

What’s the hardest part about your fitness journey at the moment?

My diet.  I like to eat!

What’s one thing your fellow CFP’ers would be surprised to learn about you?

When we moved from Rochester to Dallas, TX for Candace’s fellowship, I became a stay at home dad once Gabby was born.  It was just her and me pretty much every day for 2 years while Candace was at work.  I got to stay at home with Gibson for his for his first 12 months as well.

What’s your favorite piece of advice you’ve gotten from a Coach or member at Progression?

It’s YOUR workout; do whatever you want.

How has your outlook on health/fitness changed since starting at Progression?

Having just turned 40 this year I have tried to focus more on nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What has been your fondest memory during your time at Progression?

The Turkey Throwdown is always a fun timed I’ve been lucky to have good teammates.

Why do you think you’ve stuck with Progression?

The people, Coaches, facility, and leadership at Progression.

What would be your one piece of advice for someone who’s just joining Progression?

Try and not be intimidated by the movements and what everyone else is doing.  Just focus on you and listening to your body.  Give yourself 3 good months and you will be hooked.

progression fitness