Get To Know Michelle Dudek

A fun loving and super fun chick… Michelle is a huge asset to our gym!  Read on to get to know Michelle Dudek!

What do you do for a living?

I am a Senior Accountant for Olmsted County.  I work in Community Services, primarily with the Housing and Redevelopment Authority.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of the gym?

Run, read, and spend time with my family.

What made you decide to try Progression?

My husband, Zeb, had been doing CrossFit for a couple of years and had recently joined Progression.  He’d been trying to get to check it out and finally convinced me after our second son was born.

How long have you been at Progression?

My first class was on friends and family day, (July of 2016).

What was your experience with fitness like prior to Progression?

I’ve belonged to gyms, run, done workout videos, yoga, whatever.  Never anything to really hold my interest long term besides running.

What was your biggest fear when you started?

That I wasn’t very strong and I would have no idea what I was doing.  And the barbell. Very intimidating.

Favorite cheat day meal?

Pizza and ice cream and chocolate.

What goal(s) are you currently chasing?

Pull ups and double under, though admittedly I could be working harder on them than I currently am.

What’s the hardest part about your fitness journey at the moment?

Not getting discouraged.  I sometimes get caught up in what I can’t do that I forget how far I’ve come.

What’s one thing your fellow CFP’ers would be surprised to learn about you?

I’m a bit of a sci-fi/fantasy geek.  And I knit.

What’s your favorite piece of advice you’ve gotten from a coach or member at Progression?

Go out and do something else healthy today.

How has your outlook on health/fitness changed since starting at Progression?

Progression has really helped solidify for me the idea that health and fitness is a lifestyle.  It is a journey.

What has been your fondest memory during your time at Progression?

There are so many , from my very firsts class to the Turkey Throwdown, (go team Turkey Snatches) and Friday Night Lights.

Why do you think you’ve stuck with Progression?

The people and the environment.  It’s so positive and encouraging.  I always leave better than I came.

What would be your one piece of advice for someone who’s just joining Progression?

It’s not as scary as it looks.  Everybody there is on their own fitness journey.  Support them on their journey and they will support you on yours.