Get To Know Zeb Dudek


Zeb is no stranger to CrossFit and although he’s new to CrossFit Progression it seems like he’s been here all along.  His positive and fun loving attitude and willingness to suffer through the tough workouts make him a huge asset to the gym.  Meet Zeb!


What do you do for a living?

I am a buyer for Olmsted County and have been with the County for one year.  Before that I worked at Crenlo for 11 years in Production Control and Logistics.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of the gym?

I enjoy being outside and working in my yard.

What made you decide to try CrossFit?

I registered for a GoRuck event and their site suggested a few gyms in the area where people prep for the events so I gave it a try and was hooked immediately.

How long have you been at Progression?

I have been with Progression for just over 8 months and have been doing CrossFit for almost 2 years.

What was your experience with fitness like prior to CrossFit?

I actively worked out during my 5 years in the Army National Guard. After that I had been doing a few workouts on my own gym equipment at home as well as running.  I have always enjoyed being active in some form.

What was your biggest fear when you started CrossFit?

My biggest fear was watching everyone throwing a lot of weight around and not being able to do the same amount everyone else was.

What’s your favorite cheat day meal?

Hot dogs.

What goal(s) are you currently chasing?

I want to attempt GoRuck Selection in the next 2 years.

What’s the hardest part about CrossFit?

Flexibility.  I don’t bend well.

What’s one thing your fellow CFP’ers would be surprised to learn about you?

I have a desire to become a funeral director.

What’s your favorite piece of advice you’ve gotten from a coach at CFP?

Keep moving.

How has your outlook on health/fitness changed since starting CrossFit?

I am more aware of my health and realized how much better I feel not just physically but mentally when I workout and my diet is more balanced.

What has been your fondest memory during your time at CFP?

My first ever open floor handstand.


Why do you think you’ve stuck with CFP?

Halfway into my first workout at CFP it just felt right and I felt good about life.  It is a very positive and professional environment.

What would be your one piece of advice for someone who’s just joining CFP?

Be open and get to know the other members.  We are all in this together.