Habits are the key to successful goal setting.

Goals and Habits. The dynamic duo

Setting goals is trying to predict the future. Or at least the future you would like. Sports psychologist  Dr. Jim Afremow suggests we continue targeting longer-term outcomes but also zero in on values that inform everyday actions. “Goals are about what’s coming tomorrow, next month, or next race season,” Afremow said. “Sometimes, we can waver from them because they seem too distant. That’s where our behaviors and habits can be informed by core values that help us identify the most important things in our lives and then double down on our commitment to them.”

Writing down your goals and referring to them often is key to success. Having them somewhere handy or somewhere you pass frequently can significantly increase your daily consistency.

Tips for setting goals:

  1. Set at least one big ambitious goal. Something slightly out of reach for you but still doable.
  2. List prior successes that make that big goal possible.
  3. Write three daily things you can do to move toward that big goal. (Habits)
  4. Go over this list with a coach.

History Predicts Future

Past success is the best predictor of future success. Do what you need to do to gain success. For some, this is simply a matter of not giving up. Keep trying, knowing that failure is typical and part of the process.

You can greatly speed up the process by hiring a coach. People with coaches do better, and they do better faster.

Love the Process

Your focus must be on the daily habits moving you toward your big goal. Focusing on the big goal rarely works for long. Focusing on the small things done daily will lead to success. Think, What do I need to do today to get me to where I want to be tomorrow? This requires a fair amount of self-awareness. Again a coach helps tremendously here. Learn to love the daily process.

Daily Focus

What am I working on today? This question can lead to focus and consistency. In fact, this can be one of your daily habits. Simply writing down the focus of the day daily can lead to great results.

Goal Setting vs Habits

Goals are essential, and what you do daily is more important. Focusing on your habits will get you to your goals.

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