Healthy High Protein Snacks

One of the common questions we hear as nutrition coaches is “What are some healthy snack options that are also higher in protein?”

Truth is, many of us struggle with getting enough protein in our diets, and have a hard time finding healthy snack options that are higher in protein.

Here are some ideas for some healthy higher protein snacks to help you stay on track:

1.Hard Boiled Eggs. If you are looking to make a bunch of healthy snacks for the week, these are super easy to make in an Instant Pot.


  • Place 1 cup of water in your Instant Pot

  • Place steamer in the Pot and add the desired number of eggs on the rack

  • Place lid on the Instant Pot and cook for 5 minutes on high pressure.

  • When done, allow for a 5-minute natural release

  • Allow hard boiled eggs to cool in an ice water bath before storing in the fridge.

2. Tuna salad – Add canned tuna to a small amount of mayonnaise or hot sauce, and instead of bread, eat in a lettuce wrap.

3. Jerky: Jerky comes in many forms of proteins: Chicken, turkey, beef, pork, salmon and vegan. Regardless of the variety of jerky, its important to read your labels! Look for a jerky that isn’t loaded with lots of added salt and sugar.

4. Oven Roasted Chickpeas: You are definitely going to want to try this recipe:

5. Turkey and hummus roll-ups: Spread some hummus on top of slices of turkey deli meat. Add some veggie slices: celery, carrots or peppers and roll them up.

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