I’ve got my Hammer

Hammer Race update.

We run along.  Counter normal.  Kiss-off Mentality.  You’re doing it wrong.  Heroes RISE when Excuses Die.

You got your burpees.  I got my hammer.

The Hammer Race will enter its next phase this spring.  Bringing in some “Spartanesk” Obstacles to local race culture.

Gone are the burpees.  Bring in the bangers.

The penalty for not completing an Obstacle at the hammer race is Bangers.  You miss it; you need to swing it.

Unknown to most, swinging a sled is proven to raise your testosterone.  We put this race on to help you be more of what we need in this world.  More you.  Hammers Up!

Be ready.

Raise them.  Swing em if you got them.

You got your problems. We got your glory.

Joshua Grenell

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