Longevity Track at CrossFit Progression


The Longevity track will be a modified version of the Rx track. Longevity is not a scaled version of the Rx WOD. Rather, it’s a version of the work out with movements and rep scheme designed to promote strength development and conditioning in people who do not have good mobility, do not like barbells, or are actively training for running or endurance events.  This track is also intended for older athletes wishing to maintain Strength and Fitness without using barbells.

Some of the programming guidelines for the Longevity track include:

  1. No Olympic barbell movements or barbell front squats.  These movements will be replaced with kettlebell or dumbbell versions targeting the same stimulus.
  2. Movements will never have more then 100  reps in any one work out.
  3. No box jumps.  This movement will be replaced with box step ups or Kettlebell swings depending on the stimulus desired in the work out.
  4. Jumping will be minimized but may appear depending on the intended purpose of the work out.
  5. Deadlifts, backsquats, benchpress (powerlifts) will be included in the Longevity track.
  6. Muscle ups, toes to bar, and chest to bar pull ups will be included in the Longevity track.
  7. Handstand movements or other inversions will be replaced with pressing variations.

As with the Rx programming at Progression, the Longevity track can and will be scaled to the individual.  We believe strongly in the original principles of CrossFit: individuals needs vary in degree not in kind.  With proper, professional coaches anyone at any level can participate in any of our classes.


The Longevity track is the result of years of observation, adaption and experimentation.  This program  is a  collaboration of the coaching programming group at Progression.  If you have any questions please let us know!