Nutrition Coaching at Progression- Kate DeVinny

My name is Kate DeVinny.  I’ve been a member of progression for about 3 years at the encouragement of my daughter and son in law, who are members.


I’ve participated in the WLC that the gym has offered a number of times.  This has been quite successful for me but i found that it was successful only when i was participating in it and not between sessions.  With this in mind, I decided to check into the nutrition coaching offered by the gym.


From the start I was impressed by the knowledge and willingness of the coaches to help me along as i began this journey.  I quickly learned about macros and when/what to eat related to my work outs. I was inundated with recipes, blogs and help from the coaches. I was excited to start with the coaching and felt i was doing everything the way it should be done. Multiple email check ins, text messages, FB posts and meetings at the gym occurred.  However, I quickly became frustrated and disappointed in what i felt was a lack of progress in my goals.  Sitting down with the coaches and talking through these frustrations led me to see that there were indeed gains…as small as they may have been!


With their help and encouragement I came to see that my journey was…well, my journey.  I needed to stop comparing my progress to the progress the other members were making.  Once I came to accept that age, physical ailments and the slow down of metabolism were things that i could not control, I found i wasn’t as hard on myself and compared myself less to the tremendous gains other members were making.


I feel that the nutrition coaching has given me a fabulous foundation to work with.  With a solid nutrition base and the support that goes along with it, a great exercise program through progression, fabulous coaching and community support, I know that i am in the best condition, physically and emotionally, I ever have been.


The coaches care.