Progression Boot Camp Rochester MN

We created the progression boot camp for people looking to get started on a fitness journey. We have it to help people take the first step. Whether you are restarting your fitness after a break, or this is your first real entry into a health and fitness lifestyle. This program uses body weight exercises, functional movements, and metabolic conditioning to develop strength and endurance, while promoting fat loss. Workouts are fun and intense, and can be adjusted to any individual’s physical ability regardless of past experience. When you are finished with boot camp you will be ready to continue your health and fitness journey by enrolling in one of our programs, or continuing on your own with the information we have provided you with. Our boot camp is more than just working out.

During each hour session that meets three times a week, boot campers will move through workouts derived from functional fitness, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and varied strength and body weight movements to achieve the results you’ve been looking for. We provide expert coaching and motivation to get the maximum physical and mental performance; you provide the guts and sweat.

Each workout session ends with a group discussion. Your Progression coach will lead the group through various topics, including: workout intensity, fluid intake, sleep, stress management, nutrition, supplements and much more. And when it comes to nutrition, we wholly believe that it’s an integral part of any health and fitness program. With Progression Boot Camp, we teach you how to build a foundation for healthy eating habits that you will carry with you in and out of the gym and long into the future.

Progression Boot camp is a 6 week comprehensive fitness and nutrition challenge.

Challenge start date Jan 22nd.

Sessions are offered either M/W/F 630-730am or M/W/Th evenings 730-830pm.

Participants also receive two InBody Composition scans used to determine effectiveness of the program.

Cost is $250.

Sign up here: January Session

Let this group show you the way!