Rev Olympics: Last Chance to Register & Workout 3 Announcement

Rev Olympics: Last Chance to Register & Workout 3 Announcement

But first, our spotlight sponsor this week is Mickey Rowland and Excel Homes. Design-Build-Renovate.

A word from Excel Homes.

Excel Custom Homes of Rochester was created in 2002 by Mickey Rowland, his passion for designing and building has made his business incredibly successful!  Whether you are looking for a starter home or a high-end custom home, with Mickey’s love for the business, he and his team can help you accomplish your real estate dreams and make it a thrilling experience for the whole family!


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Normally this is the part where I would say, “With no further ado, Workout 3 is…”  

But, not today.  Today is not normal.  Today I say, “Time is of the essence,  Arthur!” 

Which won’t make any sense at all to you because it is an ancient, inside joke.   But, just imagine a mother at a high school sporting event screaming that from the stands, and you’ll be tracking with me.    That’s right, I’m screaming, “Last chance,” one more time. Registration for THE event of the summer closes in 5 short days, and I do not want you to miss out.  Get signed up already, Arthur!






Now, with no further ado, may I present Workout 3.  

Log Jam

A 25-Minute AMRAP Team Event 

Teammate 1- 150/250m Row
Teammate 2- 15 Sit-Ups
Teammate 3- 15 Torpedo Thrusters (35/50)
Teammate 4- 15m Bear Crawl 


Score = The highest round completed plus the total number of reps completed from the next round.

Each team member starts at one of the movements.  No one can move on until all teammates have finished their station’s allotted work.  The score will be kept by a volunteer. 

That’s it.   Another simple test of your cardiovascular and muscular endurance.  No one finishes first or last. Each movement is scalable and adjustable to create the most even playing field possible and allow the participation of any athlete.  

This one is all about teamwork. I can’t wait to see the Dreamwork.   

See you all July 20th for some serious fun! 

Here are the registration details for those of you who have been holding out.  Contact me, Coach Beth at [email protected] with questions.  

Registration Information:

  • Cost is $40/person
  • Registration includes
    • Event T-shirt
    • 6 Training workouts written by Coach Beth specifically to help you prepare for the event
    • A great time at the event
    • Trophies for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams
    • Burgers made for you after the event



Again, thank you to all of our sponsors.  You are making the best fitness party of the summer possible!