Rev Olympics Workout 2 Announcement

Rev Olympics Workout 2 “Never Skip A Leg Day”

Happy Thursday, All. It’s time for the announcement of workout 2.

But first, our spotlight sponsor this week is Todd Severson and TLS Companies.

Here is a word from TLS.

TLS Companies is a Commercial Contracting firm that provides services on Development, Contracting and/or Consulting.  Please contact Todd Severson at [email protected] or 507-208-0679″



Thank you, Todd!

With no further ado, Workout 2 is…

“Never Skip A Leg Day” A 20-minute Partner AMRAP

AMRAP Increasing Reps You Go, I Go by Movement
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on. As high as you can get in 20 minutes.
Wall Ball (10lb Most Women/20lb Most Men)
Weighted DB Box Step up (10lb Most Women/20lb Most Men)
Kettlebell Deadlift (1 Pood Most Women/1.5 Pood Most Men KB)

Score = The highest round completed plus the total number of reps completed from the next round.

Each team will break into 2 pairs to complete this 20-minute partner AMRAP.  This workout will be run in 2 heats. Your resting teammates will track your score for you.

See. Once again. Nothing to be scared of here folks.   

Movement standards will be upheld for those who are capable of achieving the usual CrossFit movement standards.  The weight standard for all movements will be adapted as needed to best suit the capabilities of each athlete.

This one is going to be a great leg burner, but like I said before, if you workout at Progression, you are ready for Rev Olympics.  Get here. Let’s have some fun.

Here are the registration details for those of you who have been holding out.  Contact me, Coach Beth at [email protected] with questions.  

Registration Information:

  • Cost is $40/person
  • Registration includes
    • Event T-shirt
    • 6 Training workouts which were written specifically to help you prepare for the event
    • A great time at the event
    • Trophies for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams
    • Burgers made for you after the event
  • Registration Deadline is July 1st
  • Registration and Payment link here.
  • Event Date is July 20.


Have I mentioned our incredible sponsors?  Thank you,