Robyn 100lbs down, still going!


by Coach Juli

From the first day, I met Robyn I knew she was going to be a CrossFitter for life. Her aura is one of pure determination. You can tell that she has faced a lot of bumps on her road of life but she is still here, bringing her tireless work ethic every day. I see a lot of people working hard on the gym floor, but I have always noticed Robyn’s ability to shut out the pain, shut off any negative thoughts and put her head down and WORK. 

Robyn reached a great achievement and life goal this year of losing 100#lbs of body weight!!! This is the first Progression member to achieve this goal and I can tell you that when she told me I was beyond excited for her but I truly was not surprised. She is such a hard worker and her fierce determination has not only pushed passed numerous injuries but also past the unhealthy nutrition system that we all face every day.

I continued to be inspired by Robyn’s mental toughness and positivity every day. Her incredible mental and physical strength carries her through these days of quarantine and is more infectious than COVID. Keep crushing workouts and keep spreading your strength and positivity!!!