Six Heroes Fundraising Work outs



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For 2017, CrossFit Progression will host a monthly yearlong event. Six Heroes will consist of six hero WOD’s performed twice in 2017, each six months apart. The purpose of this event is to:

  1. Measure results of various Hero workouts
  2. Honor fallen heroes in a uniquely CrossFit Progression style; coming together as a group and working through some of the toughest workouts in the CrossFit world
  3. Raise money for a different local or national charity each month


The proposed dates are listed below. WOD’s will be announced the Sunday before, allowing a full week to prepare. The “date, different date” format indicates the first and then second time that wod will be performed.

◦ Jan 14, Jul 15

◦ Feb 18, Aug 19

◦ Mar 18, Sept 16

◦ Apr 15, Oct 21

◦ May 29 (Memorial Day), Nov 4

◦ Jun 17, Dec 16

◦ 1:00 PM, with the exception of Memorial Day, which is an existing event

Group Hug!
Group Hug!


Each monthly event will be held at CrossFit Progression. The events will be coached by Tony Slonaker.


Each session will cost $15 with a minimum of $5 per member being donated to the charities listed below.

    • Jan- Zumbro Valley Mental Health Center
    • Feb- Channel One (non-perishable food donations can also be made)
    • Mar- Rochester Ronald McDonald House
    • Apr- Boys and Girls Club of Rochester
    • May- Ironwood Springs
    • June- Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota
    • July- American Cancer Society
    • Aug- Honor Flight Network
    • Sept- American Diabetes Association
    • Oct- Veterans Services of Olmsted County
    • Nov- Support Our Troops
    • Dec- Disabled American Veterans

If there are any questions, please contact Coach Tony Slonaker.